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Quality Peer Review Solutions is an independent expert peer review company providing services to healthcare organizations, independent practitioners, insurance companies and legal professionals. The goal of our organization is to improve practitioner performance through expert, evidence-based peer reviews.  Our resources include over 400 trained, independent, board-certified, actively practicing providers. We offer timely, objective reviews across all medical specialties.

Our company was developed by physicians for physicians. We strive to provide non-biased, evidence-based, metric-based reviews that can drive quality and safety programs. We work with each client individually to determine the best approach and peer review type. Our team provides guidance and coordination throughout the review process. We strive for excellence and value our client’s feedback in order to continuously improve the services we provide.

Importance of Peer Reviews

The peer review process is intended to balance physicians’ right to exercise medical judgment freely with the obligation to do so wisely and temperately.

Peer review best practices processes won’t tip the balance of the healthcare cost and quality scales immediately, but it is one of those “fix it at the source” solutions that can have a significant impact long term. Without a peer review process, it’s impossible for a hospital to continually improve its patient safety and quality of care. Appropriate and ongoing peer review evaluations require hospital decision-makers to assess not only an individual doctor’s performance but a number of clinical and procedural processes that influence a hospital’s effectiveness on a continuing basis.

Peer review is an educational process. It helps proactively detect problems and then act quickly in order tore-educate a physician.

Peer review best practices are a basic mechanism for quality care and should make it easier for hospital boards, administrators, and medical staff officers to fulfill their legal obligation to provide quality care to patients, while at the same time protecting the hospital and medical staff from legal damages.

Our Physicians

Each QPS physician is required to submit an application.  Each candidate undergoes extensive credentialing procedures, followed by an orientation to confidentiality and conflict of interest policies, applicable URAC standards and peer review processes. To ensure that our reviewers maintain appropriate qualifications, re-credentialing occurs prior to expiration and at least every three years, with regular monitoring of both licensure status and ability to participate in federal government programs.

With each review, the PR must attest to having no conflict of interest with the case and that minimally have two years of experience with the matter under review.  Also PRs attest at the time of review, all licenses, certifications, registrations and/or hospital privileges, as applicable, to provide health care services are current, unrestricted and not subject to investigation.
As a method to ensure the appropriateness of review outcome decisions, PR monitoring is conducted quarterly by designated peer reviewers who are experienced in all levels of review. Monitoring facilitates credible peer review and ensures the appropriateness, completeness, consistency, and accuracy of PR determinations.

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With the ever-changing advances in medicine, recruitment of peer reviewers is an ongoing process, and ensures a broad base of actively practicing specialists. This is essential to a credible, high-quality review program.

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