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Welcome to Quality Peer Review Solutions, your trusted partner in external peer review services. Our experts offer objective, evidence-based assessments conducted by board-certified doctors and licensed allied health professionals across all major specialties. We aim to support healthcare organizations, individual physicians, insurance companies, and legal professionals in enhancing the quality and safety of patient care. We identify areas for improvement and address challenging situations. Count on us for practical recommendations.

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We Are Quality Peer Review Solutions

Quality Peer Review Solutions is a company that provides external peer review services to healthcare organizations, individual physicians, insurance companies, law firms, and attorneys. Our peer reviews are performed by board-certified physicians and licensed allied health professionals from all major specialties.

Our external peer reviews are evidence-based and are aimed to assist our clients in assessing quality and safety of care issues. We aim to support our customer’s internal performance improvement activities and improve patient outcomes by providing objective, unbiased, evidence-based reviews.

Healthcare professionals are equipped with the best education, surrounded by supporting experts and access to the best diagnostic equipment. Still, there comes a time when quality of patient care is in question and external peer review can be of invaluable assistance.

Quality Peer Review Solutions is here to assist with the review of challenging cases, especially when there are multiple issues or complications that may have been caused because of an oversight, misdiagnosis, documentation, treatment, or follow up care. Our detailed and thorough reviews help identify the root causes of these issues and provide clear, actionable recommendations to address them effectively. By understanding the complexities and nuances of medical care, our goal is to offer insights that can prevent future occurrences and enhance overall care quality.

A Case Manager will coordinate the case assignments and facilitate the review process.

Some of  Our Peer Review Specialties

Board-Certified Physicians in Many Fields


In addition to experts in these fields, we have many other physicians in other fields. Each case is evaluated and then assign to the appropriate specialist(s).

Who Needs Peer Review Services?

We cover a big variety of medical services

Physicians & Hospitals

To assess physician practice and care outcomes.

Insurance Companies

To provide assessments

Legal Professionals

To provide Fair hearing support and expert witness services.


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